Friday, June 24, 2011

si earl burgos

hey guys don't be mad at me if i'm posting something about earl,this day, i just realized that EARL is the most liked among the guys sa mga finalists. hindi naman ako nagtataka about that, he hosts so well & he's really charming,lalo na yung eyes (oi hindi ko cras ha! HAHA)

i just voted him today :)

to all the Dream Earls out there,let us support each other. Earl sa guys then, Cam sa girls syempre! thank u so much! i really think earl will win sa guys,plus he's so simple pa.

and now I'm thinking that CAMSTERS & DREAM EARLS should team up!!! right? U agree with me? Let us team up,tutal naman there's no specific number ng winner sa finals!!! and together we will be called as DREAMSTERS? or CAMSTEARLS? Tweet me right now!!!

hey i'm not teaming them up as a love team huh? i'm just thinking about merging the fansclub! Leggo guys! tweet me pls :)

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